A BLACK LIST FEATURED SCRIPT. “Action-packed from beginning to end, but it’s careful not to lose sight of character along the way.”

Logline: A field agent goes against protocol in order to save her childhood friend from kidnappers connected to the organization that killed her parents.

About The SCRIPT

Agency is the first script I ever wrote. I completed the first draft during a single month in my final year at UCLA. I skipped just about every class that month to finish, and it turned out the way you’d expect for a script written in a month. But I was proud to have finished a screenplay for the very first time. Since then the script has gone through several rewrites.

In 2018, Agency placed in several contests, and it was chosen as a Black List Featured Script on its website, which is also how I landed my first writing assignment.

I’m offering it here on my site as an action writing sample.